Feeding Camper Creativity with Food Service Supplies

The camp food service operation is sometimes asked to get involved with food and nonfood-related program offerings, so it makes sense that classes and activities be designed to include the non-edible elements that could be created with food service supplies. If need be, the food service director, the crafts instructor(s), and the program director can sit down and plan these classes and activities together.

Nonfood Class Ideas

Following are some nonfood class ideas that will be sure to cook up enthusiasm among creative campers:

Plan Now for New Food Activity Programming

Before the last campfire at summer camp 2015 fades from your memory, focus some energy on developing new camp activities that involve the food service operation. Food activities can range from campers making and mixing their own trail mix before leaving on a hike to offering an entire week of camp for those who want to focus on the culinary arts.

Current Challenges in Camp Food Service

Hesitation gave way to excitement as I unexpectedly grabbed the reigns of food service management, in the dripping, humid heat of a Texas summer camp season. Nine years had passed since I last served in this capacity at camp, but everything was coming back to me — the roar of kids laughing in the dining hall, the buzz of activity as cooks whirled by with fresh-baked yeast rolls, and the mouthwatering scent of fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookies! “Ahhhh,” I thought to myself, “the camp kitchen . . . this will be a breeze. I’ve GOT this!”