The Ultimate Marketing Plan

There are tons of different ways to market your camp and all of them seem to require time or money.  In this session we will review data from dozens of private/non-profit camps to determine where exactly you should be focusing your efforts. Using these successful camps as our guide, we’ll pick apart their approach to marketing online and identify a few of the most effective marketing strategies.  Perhaps most importantly, we’ll have this discussion within the context of a marketing plan so you’ll be able to take home a comprehensive framework for use at your camp.  

Why Camp Marketing Isn't Seasonal

Summer is here and the campers are on their way! You're busy making last-minute preparations, training staff members, and getting ready for a summer filled with memories. You can put your marketing plans aside until the fall, right?

Think again. Marketing your camp is a year-round effort and summer is the best time to kick off your campaign for next season. Keeping positive memories alive in campers' minds throughout the year is essential to generating repeat business. It can also help you attract new campers in the future.

The 8 Ps of Marketing

If you've ever taken a high school or college marketing class, you probably learned early on about the "Four Ps of Marketing." Since the 1940s these Classic Ps (Price, Product, Placement, and Promotion) were used to steer communications activities for businesses and organizations. However, over the course of my twenty plus years working primarily with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses, I've found that there are at least four more Ps that need to be added to this classic mix.

Marketing Essentials for the New Economy

Tough economic times require that you turn up the marketing heat and attract new customers to your doors, while increasing current customer loyalty and repeat business.

The Basics of Online Reputation Management

“Online reputation management.” Even if you’ve never heard this phrase before, you probably have a good sense of what it means. The first part (“online reputation”) is easier than ever for you or anyone else to find — just search for your camp’s name in Google.

Finding your online reputation is easy due to two main factors:

The 24/7/365 Camp Community: Sitting around the Online Campfire

We live in an era of experiences and community. What does that mean? Camp directors and staff just spent the past months creating memorable experiences for their campers, ensuring that every child felt welcome, engaged, safe, and inspired at camp. Parents were reassured that their children were having fun and were well cared for — and they were entertained during visiting days. Relationships were forged, and memories were made.

Attracting Diverse Staff and Campers

I am white, Protestant, and I was raised in an upper-middle class, two-parent household . . . but that does not mean that my campers or staff need to be. As the founder and director of Camp Hawkeye, a coed overnight camp in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, I realize that it actually means more for my campers and staff if they are not. I founded Hawkeye with a diversity focus — to combine groups that are usually reached by disparate camps and bring them together in one program for the shared benefit of everyone involved.

Social Marketing: Where Should You Start?

Marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. We are now in an era where brands are expected to be online — listening and engaging with their customers. There are so many avenues open to camps to get their message out to consumers. Where should you start? How did we get here? In this article, we look at how we arrived at this time of heightened consumer engagement and review the top five social marketing tools camps can employ to get their message out to prospective parents and campers. Brochures and registration forms used to be the bread and butter of summer camp enrollment.

Top Eight Marketing Strategies for 2011

Most camp directors I know don't like marketing. They see it as a necessary evil. However you feel about marketing, you absolutely need to do it. If you embrace the notion that your role as a salesperson can be equally as important as your role as a camp director, you will see greater success in recruiting campers. If you want to make 2011 your strongest enrollment year, now's the time to get cracking. Follow these eight steps for marketing your camp to increase your enrollment.


ACA Accreditation: Valuable Marketing Tools

Share the message. Tell the parents and the public about your camp's accreditation. The following resources help you promote your accreditation through proper logo use, press releases, announcements, key messages, links to ACA's parent information site, and more.

Read about the importance of the ACA brand and the call to consistency.