ACA, Southwest- Day Camp Debrief in Las Vegas, NV

Calling all day camp professionals to join us for a lunch time gathering and Day Camp Debrief. We will discuss things that worked, didn't work, share great ideas and get to know other camp professionals near you. In addition to this sharing, we discuss training and development opportunities you would like to see offered locally to strengthen our work with campers. Not a member of the American Camp Association, not a problem!

Ten Ways to Make Great Use of Your Summer Photos

Remember all of those amazing photos you took last summer? Now is the time to put them to good use. If you took thousands of photos, or even if you only took a few hundred, the first step in making great use of your summer photos is to organize. Using a program like Dropbox, create a few folders for general highlights, facility photos, and activity photos. Once you have organized your photos and picked out your favorites, it's time to use them to build buzz for your camp. Here are ten ways to do just that: