Collective Impact

A young woman walks down the trail to the next station. There, in front of her, is a wall towering over her. The wall is ten feet tall and six feet wide, and as she and her group of peers walk up to the structure, a counselor comes out from behind it. A fabricated tale ensues where the counselor gives the outline for the team-building exercise. But the girl is clear about one thing: The goal is to get everyone in their group over the wall to the other side. Looking around at her group, she does not know how she can tackle this problem.

Thankfulness: A Blog from Tom Holland

To work as a camp professional is not having a ‘thankless job;’ we live thankfulness on a daily basis.

That is why we love camp.

We model thanksgiving in our programs. We outwardly express appreciation for the work of those around us. Yes, we recognize the hard work of the counselors who receive much of the praise for the camp experience, but we also work to recognize the dishwashers who keep our plates clean, the nurses who bandage us up, and the drivers who move us from adventure to adventure.

Connecting with Nature

"Camp is a time to explore, a time to let your brain grow, and a time to connect with the outside." 

In this video blog, ACA CEO Tom Holland explains the benefits of getting outside at camp. Camp not only provides children with an opportunity to get active, it also provides an opportunity for today's kids to get outside and forge a connection with the natural world. Camp allows kids to get outside, get dirty, and learn about nature.

Camp Was Made For Summer Learning

A blog post from American Camp Association CEO, Tom Holland 

Day Camp - Fun Is Right Around the Corner

Last week, ACA CEO Tom Holland welcomed us to camp. This week, Tom explains a few reasons why “Fun Is Right Around the Corner” at a day camp near you.

Fun and Safety - The Benefits of ACA Accreditation

American Camp Association (ACA) CEO Tom Holland’s new video shares his thoughts on the importance of ACA accreditation. ACA-accredited camp experiences allow children to grow, create, share, and have fun in a safe, structured environment. ACA’s comprehensive accreditation process covers a wide range of camp programs and safety standards, from camper-to-staff rations and kitchen safety to the personal growth of campers during their stay at camp. 

Learning Life Skills at Camp

"Teamwork, collaboration, and communication. . .these skills are necessary for the success of children later in life."

In this video blog, ACA CEO Tom Holland explains that camp is about more than just "hard skills." As they grow up, children will remember the lessons that their camp experiences taught them, helping them to become better, more well rounded adults. The key life skills learned at camp follow children for the rest of their lives. 

Get Outside with Camp

"Camp is about active lifestyles and what our kids need today." 

In this video blog, ACA CEO Tom Holland explains the benefits of getting active at camp. Camp provides children with an opportunity to get outside and get active: hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, sailing, and much more. It is important for today's youth to get away from tablets video games, and other electronic devices. Camp provides the ultimate opportunity for children to get out and get active.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?

As camp professionals, we hear many stories about the impact of our camps on the lives of our participants. Often, when these alums come back and share a story or two with us from the past, they finish with a wonderful line that we probably have all heard:

“I loved my time at camp, so please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help.”

When was the last time you followed up that offer with a request? If you never have, the time is now to get the courage and respond immediately with, “Fantastic! Have I got a job for you!”