2012 Golden Quill and Golden Lens Winners

Golden Quill Award
Marcy and Bob Brower
Desegregating Circle M Day Camp: A Determination to Succeed (January/February 2011)

Golden Quill Award of Excellence
Bob Ditter
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The new 20/20 Toolbox series provides resources to help camps realize ACA’s 20/20 Vision. We are calling this series a “toolbox” for a reason — our intent is to focus on providing hands-on, real-life, “how-to” ideas — ideas that can be implemented and go beyond theory.

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An Inside Joke Worth Having

There are many different kinds of relationships you will have in your life.

The relationship you will have with your campers this summer, though, will be among the most unique, powerful, and fragile ones you will likely ever have. With just a few properly timed words, you can become a child’s favorite person in the world. In even fewer ones, you can destroy that forever.

So You Got Promoted: Now What?

The camp experience is a very powerful learning process, which is both personal and challenging. It provides children the chance to grow in a protected environment controlled by caring, knowledgeable staff responsible for setting acceptable limits of risk management. Philosophically this is a great premise, but what happens to this construct if staff are inexperienced and not ready to assume the complexities of their job?