ACA Webinar - Practicing and Teaching Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully "present," right here, right now. It's the opposite of mind-FULL-ness, or feeling constantly distracted. Camp offers the perfect setting to teach and practice these skills. The benefits include decreased stress, improved problem-solving, and more positive relationships. Learn techniques appropriate for any age and setting.

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:
1. How to define, practice, and teach mindfulness
2. Benefits and application of mindfulness in camp and year-round

ACA Webinar - Back to the Basics: Creating a Cohesive Staff Community

While this sounds so simple, why is it often so hard? Community building is what camp is all about. Yet, all of the ice-breakers and fun games in the world don’t guarantee that staff will be unified. Discover ways to create a cohesive staff community by looking at each subset of your staff group and their unique needs, providing opportunities to connect before camp begins, and fostering continued growth all throughout the season. It’s time to get back to the basics!

ACA Webinar - Fill Your Camp Before Summer! Last Minute Social Media Marketing Tips for Recruitment

Summer is almost here and it’s not too late to sign up more campers! Join us as we explore easy to implement last-minute marketing strategies to help sign up new campers and increase retention rate. We will also discuss strategies to prepare marketing assets during the summer to be used next year for recruiting. Don’t miss out on these last-minute families!

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:
1. Have the tools to implement at least three last-minute marketing strategies to sign up new campers and increase retention rate.

ACA National Webinar - Avoiding the Parent Trap: Working with Difficult Parents

Most camp parents are wonderful, but at every camp, there are a few who are some degree of difficult. From parents who demand special exceptions to parents who are wholly disengaged from their child's development, it is vital that we as camp professionals take a proactive approach when dealing with any challenging situation with a camp parent. This enjoyable (and yes, funny!) workshop will discuss techniques to help you turn your most difficult parents into loyal promoters of your camp!

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:

ACA Webinar -Words Matter: Communication Strategies

What we say, how we say it and what we look like when we say it all matter. Communication, or lack thereof, can undermine even the best leader. This session will look at how the brain processes communication, and how we can teach ourselves to communicate more effectively. Come prepared to participate in communication training and to take that training back to your camp.

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:
1. Participants will understand how we process communication
2. Participants will learn their communication filters and how to overcome them.

ACA Webinar - MESH Proactive Camps: What Are Their Secrets?

Are you challenged by mental, emotional and social health (MESH) needs of campers and staff? Would you like to add to your understanding and skills of this challenging topic? While wanting to be inclusive, camp professionals also balance the MESH capacity of their camp, the expertise of staff, and the nature of the camp’s program with the MESH needs of camp participants. Addressing this concern is a focus of the Healthy Camps Initiative. Led by two members of this group, the webinar highlights strategies identified by the initiative.

ACA Webinar - From Silence to TMI: How to Get Useful Information from Your Parent Surveys

Surveying parents before, during, and after camp programs is one of the most common forms of camp evaluation, yet it is not easy to do well. Some parents are vocal and tell you more than you want to know while others do not complete the survey at all. This webinar will provide some tips to help you ask useful questions and get (lots of) useful responses, all while demonstrating to your parents that you value their voice and participation in your program.


Learning Objectives:

ACA Webinar - Camp and the FLSA “White Collar” Exemption


The webinar will be recorded and available for purchase on October 7.

Do you have questions about the new FLSA “White Collar” exemption?  How does the new Final Rule affect your camp?

The American Camp Association is hosting an online webinar on October 6, 2016 at 1 pm EST. The webinar will feature Emmanuel “Manolis” Boulukos, partner in Ice Miller’s Labor and Employment Group.

Webinar - Trinity Group Purchasing Partnership: Too Good to Be True?

Learn how to take advantage of access through a huge buying power of thousands members across the United States. Through this program you will save thousands of dollars annually on your camp expenses. Learn what vendors are in the program and you decide which agreements are helpful and use them at your discretion. There is no cost to join this program.

By the end of this webinar, participants will learn: