Traumatic Head Injuries in Camp and Other Youth Settings

All injuries are not equally dangerous.  Some injuries, such as those to the head, can lead to long-term impairment or death.  Did you know that blows-to-the-head, from running into a tree to being hit in the head with a piece of sports equipment, were in the top five list of injuries for both campers in day and resident camps based on the results of ACA’s 2006-2010 Healthy Camp Study?  This webinar provides an overview of concussion management in camp settings, including steps for recognition, evaluation, and prevention.  Learn the physical, cognitive, emotional, and sleep-related symptoms

Staff Training Activities to Promote Camp Health and Safety

Looking for great ideas to enhance your staff training program?  This webinar will target specific, simple strategies that camps can use to reduce the prevalence of camper and staff injuries and illnesses.  Learn fun activities you can integrate into your staff orientation and training programs to help staff understand their role in creating healthy camp experiences for all.

Through this webinar participants will:

Exploring Technology for Camp Health Services

Futurists predict that camps will have compelling interests and benefits for utilizing electronic health records within the next 3-5 years.  Some camps are already using electronic records and incorporating technologies in a myriad of ways to support camp healthcare.  This webinar examines the use of electronic health records by exploring the opportunities and challenges for adopting this approach in the camp setting.  The webinar will also provide participants with a recommended list of questions, based in part on efforts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, to ask vendors currently ma

Health and Safety: Preventing Injuries and Illnesses

This course (comprised of four modules) highlights preventative behaviors and practices critical for directors, programmers, health care providers, and front-line staff in camps. These modules target prevention strategies that camps can use to reduce the likelihood of camper and staff injuries and illness.  You will learn to (1) minimize the spread of communicable diseases, (2) reduce slips and falls, (3) increase the use of protective equipment, and (4) improve knife-handling techniques.

An Ounce of Prevention: Collecting & Using Camp Injury-Illness Data for Program Improvement

Make your camp’s injury-illness data work for you!  Learn how to use data to increase program participation for campers and staff, reduce common adverse events, improve your camp’s injury-illness profile, and impact your loss-ratio.  These outcomes are possible through a common sense approach to data utilization, the focus of this program.  Designed for the camp professional who’d like to impact their camp’s injury-illness experience, the course steps through this topic from an upbeat and can-do perspective.