ACA, Northern CA - Visitor Education Event

Just for visitors! An informative visitor training on the new operational process as well as additional enrichment for visitors. This day will help you in your visitor role and also help you as you work with your own camp through Accreditation. As well, a great network time with other visitors. BONUS! Lunch will be provided! This training is not a required, but all visitors are highly encouraged to attend.

Standards Update Course - ACA, Northern California

The Standards Update Course is designed for the camp director or staff member who has been actively involved in the preparation of materials and the on-site visit at an ACA-accredited camp in the recent past. A person completing the ACA Standards Course on behalf of a camp is expected to actively assist the camp in preparation for the accreditation visit, be on site a significant amount of time during the camp season, and participate fully in the on-site accreditation visit.

ACA, NC Visitor Education Event

All Northern CA volunteers visitors are invited and encouraged to attend this education event that will enhance your development in your visitor role - this will not only be beneficial to you as you serve ACA but also better prepare you for Accreditation with your own program. Also, more details about the organizational transition to the 5-year Accreditation cycle and the Annual Accreditation Report. Stay after the event for a social time and avoid traffic!