Native American Night Sky Storytelling

SkyTellersExplore the mysteries of our Universe with Sky Tellers! Ten Native American myths and legends investigate the reason for day and Night, why we have seasons, the origin of the stars and other wondrous phenomena of our night sky. Each narrative is accompanied by the story that scientists tell today.

SkyTellers is a collaborative project between the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Ms. Lynn Moroney, and was funded by the National Science Foundation. The stories are told by Native American Master Storytellers and a Native American Astronaut. 

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The Crisis Communications Handbook Templates and Sample Forms and Letters

Take control of a crisis at your camp with a proven communications system.

Take Control: Be prepared for nearly any camp crisis with a strong, comprehensive communications system that keeps everyone—parents, staff, campers, the public, and the media—well informed and calm.

Use this Web site in conjunction with the book to support your communication efforts before, during, and after a crisis.

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ACA Communications Toolkit

Designed to guide camp professionals at all levels in media relations activities, both proactive public relations and crisis communications.

  • Media Relations 101
  • Crisis Communications
  • Generating Stories
  • Key Messages by Topic
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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ACA Briefing Papers

ACA wants to help busy camp professionals remain current on the research around "hot topics" that may affect our programs and practices or may be helpful with grant applications or key messages around the importance of the camp experience. "Briefing Papers" and "CARE Packages" are resource sites that continue to be developed and updated. We welcome additional contributions! If interested, please contact Deb Bialeschki at

The "Briefing Papers" are short summaries of the current research on a particular topic. They provide key findings from camprelated research as well as research from other related fields such as sociology, psychology, social work, health sciences, and recreation. A bibliography is included for each topic for further followup.

Here is a list of the briefing papers that you can access as a member. The first one is available to you for free. To view all the briefing papers, log in.

  • Adjustment to Separation and Camp
  • Campers WIth Serious Illness
  • Challenging Activities and Camps
  • Decision-Making and Camps
  • Emotional Safety and Camps
  • Family Camp Experiences
  • Injury and Illness in Camps
  • Learning and Camp
  • Noncognitive Learning
  • Peer Relationships and Camps
  • Physical Activity and Camps
  • Self-Determination Theory
  • Staff Practices of High Quality Youth Programs
  • Teamwork and Camps
  • Workforce Skill Development in Camp 

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ACA Health Forms - Members Only

The following forms are to be used as a template or a sample for your camp/program. They can be customized with your camp's name, address and additional contact information.

Job Description by Title

The following job descriptions are available in Microsoft Word format to ACA individual members. Login to view job descriptions.

Business Manager
Camp Counselor
Camp Director
Day Camp Counselor
Day Camp Director
Dining Hall Manager
Food Service Manager
Health Care Assistant/First Aider
Health Care Manager (often a Nurse)
Horse Back Riding Assistant/Specialist
Horseback Riding Director
Kitchen Assistant
Maintenance Assistant
Program Director
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Archery
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Arts and Crafts
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Bicycling
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Challenge Course/Adventure Program
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Environmental Education/Naturalist
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Field Sports
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Gymnastics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Outdoor Skills
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Pottery and Ceramics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Tripping
Property Manager
Waterfront/Aquatics Director
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Boating
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Lifeguard
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Sailing
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Swimming
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Water Skiing