Are you interested in helping your peers in camping? Do you have professional experience in camp that you would like to share? Are you interested in becoming a mentor?


ACA Texoma is kicking off a mentorship program this year and needs your help. There are several ways to help:

  1. ACA Accreditation Mentor.
  2. Mentorship


ACA Accreditation mentors will be assigned a camp that has a new director, has had problems with accreditation in the past, or is brand new to the accreditation process. Mentors will be paired with camps based upon location, type of camp, and background. Mentors should have at least 5 years of experience with successful visits, current or past visitors, and current members in good standing in ACA, and be at least 25 years of age.



Want to help shape the future career of an individual in camping? The individual mentorship program may be right for you. We are now gathering a network of potential mentors to help us in our upcoming mentorship program for college students, seasoned summer staff, and full time staff with fewer than 3-5 Years of camping experience.

Mentors will be chosen on individual basis and paired with mentees based upon geographic location, back ground, type of camp, years of experience, and above all a desire to help shape and develop the future camp professional.