SWCC Workshops

Geez!! Why can't they think for themselves!?- Steven King-

Geez!! Why can't they think for themselves?  said every Camp Director at every camp, everywhere.  Our children are taught to follow rules, stay in the lines, play it safe and everybody wins! Blech!  Join Steven as he uncovers the secrets to showing today's minions the true leaders hidden inside.  Warning: creating leaders takes risk, you can't always play it safe and you will not always win.  This session will be a danger to your status quo.  Enter at your own risk.

Forward Flexible: Directing Staff When Change Happens- Allen McBride

When change happens, what happens? Looking at our response to change and how we communicate this to staff. Reflect on your leadership and how that leadership affects how staff handle change. Have any change?


Camp Names and other Tools for Transformation- Sylveria Sanchez, Crystal Bauder

“Camp Names and Other Tools for Transformation” will explore tools to ensure that camp staff build effective, safe spaces in which campers are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually safe to experience the transformative nature of camp.  Beyond diversity training and cultural competency, framing camp as a transformational experience will impact not only the transformational potential of camp, but of camper’s transformational impact on the world


Survivor: Facilitating Competitve All-Camp Activities- Megan Martin, Shayne Bright

Girl Scouts of Central Texas staff explore effective facilitation of competitive games at All Camp activities by using the Survivor Game as an example.  Come learn an exciting and innovative new All-Camp and discuss the benefits and considerations of competitive practices!

Fill Their Bellies and Impress the Parents- Brenda Reed

Come take a bite out of food science in this workshop & transfer it to a practical and cost effective menu for you and your campers! Food trends have been coming & going for 50 years AND yet Gluten Free came on so fast & furious the entire meal production population has been engaged in making significant changes. Not to mention plant power, soy-free, lactose intolerance, peanut & tree nut free, shellfish, & yes even mangos and spinach have sent some folks into anaphylaxis. Come join Brenda as she takes you on a journey for practical ways to implement these concepts from menu development, recipe do's & don'ts, and that special sense of leadership kitchens are longing to be part of within a harmonious camp experience.



Implementing Effective Psychosocial Activities In the Camp World- Saraben Turner

As a child life specialist in the hospital setting, I utilize safe, effective expressive activities to assist children of all ages in comfortably expressing emotions and learning from each other.  These techniques can be utilized outside of the hospital environment to help school age children and teens relate with each other and express emotions in a fun, group setting.  This presentation would allow for participants to gain a better understanding of a child life specialists' role and provide hands on, interactive opportunities to learn more about including effective psychosocial activities in the camp experience in a fun, interactive group setting.


Are you operating at the minimal level of compliancy? Brenda Reed-

Are you currently sharing in responsibility and working in a partnership with an organization or company regarding trends, topics, and standards in the adventure challenge course area of your programming? Come to this workshop prepared to assess your site's current operating procedures and share in the discussion of how important your voice is as a camp professional with respect to liability and representation in this sector of programming.


Texas Outdoor Family camping workshops - connecting families with nature- Kimberly Sorensen

Come learn how Texas State Parks are helping connect families with nature.  We will introduce you to our Texas Outdoor family program and demonstrate simple outdoor education activities that you can do with your camp participants to connect them with nature and encourage them to get outdoors when they leave summer camp.   


Marketable Skills for Young Professionals- Patricia Rodriguez

 "Camping Experience"   This looks great on a resume, but is it sufficient to demonstrate your marketability to potential employers? Young professionals in the camping industry need to specialize in more than hot dog eating contests and tie-dyeing. Patty will share her experience moving from summer to professional staff and give proven strategies to elevate yourself through the ranks of camp.

The Staffing Frenzy- Steven King, Patricia Rodriguez

Did you have to turn away 200 applicants last year?  Are people beating down your doors to get a spot on staff?  No?! Well why not?  Texas Lions Camp shares their innovative staffing process that drives a staffing frenzy of collegiate excitement that spans 5 states and even stretches around the world.  We will give you real life examples of how you can increase the numbers, quality and commitment of your staff.

The Social Summer Camp: Signing up new campers with social media- Blake Sunshine

Are you tired of sitting in the same social media session year after year? Do you suspect that social media could become a powerful part of your camper recruiting efforts, but have not yet found a social strategy that works for your camp? Join Blake Sunshine, former account specialist at Facebook and long-time camper, in a fresh social  media session focused on creating a specific and actionable plan for signing up more campers with a social content strategy.   Participants in this session can expect to leave with actionable next steps for creating a specific social media marketing plan to sign up more campers including:   1. Planning templates and systems for developing marketing objectives and; 2. A strategy for aligning these objectives with social tools, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.




The Game Exchange- Peanut Henderson

This session is like a Round Table, with Participants are active and moving. Camps bring their best games and Special Events to share with everyone.

Whale Done – Using Relationships and Animal Training Principles to Improve Interactions at Camp- Jack Harvey

We’ll look at SeaWorld’s animal training philosophy and discuss how the same methods used to train otters and killer whales can be used in a camp setting. People are motivated by positive consequences and work best when they know the expectation. Positive reinforcement and redirection are the building blocks to increase productivity and improve relationships with campers and staff. Be prepared to share how you reinforce your staff at camp.



Marketing your camp and the camp experience- Angelina Ambrosini ACA Marketing Director

As camp Directors and staff we can learn new ways to market our programs and the value of camp. Come get new and old revisited ideas of marketing and see what ACA has in store for the future.