Archive - National Council of Leaders 2011

October 24, 2011 Webinar: Materials and Survey

NCOL October Meeting Objectives:

  • Reconnect and re-engage NCOL members
  • Solicit questions, comments, challenges and successes related to growth strategies and transition activities
  • Provide an association transition update
  • Provide information about the NCOL Board work group process
  • Gain feedback to draft NCOL documents
  • Share what is “next”

References: Council of Delegates task force recommendations, Fall 2010 Leadership Summit, February 2011 NCOL meeting.

News and Notes

February 2011 Meeting Materials, Background Information, and Resources

  • View the external and internal trends identified by the Sections/Field Offices/Affiliates in their 2010 Annual Reports
  • View the 2010 Annual Reports from each Section/Field Office/Affiliate
  • View a list of the members of the National Council of Leaders
  • View the YouTube video shared in February