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Fall 2015 Standards Chair Training - October 8-10

This training is designed for volunteer standards chairs (both new and experienced) and the staff that support those volunteers. Key topics of the training will include review of the Revised Standards Administration Manual (the guiding document for the ACA accreditation program) and discussion of the role and responsibilities of the Standards Chair. All Field Areas and Affiliates should plan on sending at least one and no more than two volunteers that serve in the role of Standards Chair.

Location: Indianapolis

Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport (ACA will make your hotel reservation!)

Dates/Times:  October 8 - 10

Start at 4 p.m. Thursday end no later than 2 p.m. Saturday

Travel:  Plan to arrive in time to check-in and be ready to go at 4 p.m. Flight departures should be after 3:30 p.m. on the 10th.  ACA will reimburse all travel costs.

REGISTER NOW! Registration Deadline is September 24 FIRM!!!

Question?  Contact Rhonda Mickelson at 800-428-2267 x 306 or

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Standards Related Resources and Training

AV2V was developed to provide current Associate Visitors a “stepping stone” between Associate Visitor and Visitor (and LEAD Visitor) status.   More info. . .

Timeline - Recommended Dates

15th - Contact all camps currently scheduled to be visited in 2014
1st - Email to all current visitors to confirm their desire to serve as a visitor in 2014
15th - Follow up email to camps scheduled for visits to confirm they want to be visited and to remind them of required training.      Follow up with visitors.
1st - Begin work on Visitor Assignments
15th - Visitor assignments shared w/ camps and visitors.  Request a “I can do this” reply.
1st – Follow up w/ camps and/or visitors not heard from regarding visit
15th – Materials mailed to local offices (score forms, Visitor Booklets, etc.) from ACA Adm.
1st – Reminder to camps/visitors of need to complete the Camp Self-Assessment by May 1

Winter 2015 Standards Chair Meeting

Fall 2013 Standards Chair Meeting

Spring 2013 Standards Chair Meeting

Fall 2012 Standards Chair Meeting

Recruiting Standards Volunteers

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