AV2V-Associate Visitor to Visitor “Training” - A Way to Feel Confident in Your Role as a Visitor

Administrator Information

AV2V was developed by the ACA, Southeastern Standards Chair and Field Office to provide current Associate Visitors a “stepping stone” between being an Associate Visitor and Visitor.

Keep reading for an overview of this program, how to get started, assignments AND links to all the resources (from the initial email to send to the follow up survey).  MANY THANKS to ACA Southeastern for developing and sharing this information.

The goals of this three part opportunity are:
• Develop a better understanding of the role of a Visitor
• Build confidence as a Visitor
• Understand where and how to find Visitor resources
• Review important information from the Associate Visitor Training Course.

The “training” consists of the following:
1. Three pre-requisite assignments- each assignment has at several parts.  These should be sent to those participating in the training about 5-10 days apart with the first one being sent three-four weeks before the group conversation. 
2. A one-hour group conversation (ideally through a webinar using Join-Me or Adobe Connect).
3. A wrap up survey, which will provide the individual with the opportunity to accept or decline role as a Visitor (depending on WHEN you offer this training, the survey might be slightly revised).  

To Get Started
1. Determine who you would like to attend this “training”:  Depending on the time of year, it might be individuals who have expressed interest in being a Lead Visitor, individuals who have been identified as potential for lead visitors, or individuals who have just been made/assigned as a Lead Visitor.  REMINDER:  In order to be a Lead Visitor, the individual must have “Visitor” status.  
2. Send an email to those individuals Inviting them to participate in this training (again, depending on the time of year, the email template (see below) might need to be slightly modified.  This email should include an overview of the course as well as the dates for the “conversation”.
3. Send out an email with the link to the Assignment page.

Pre-Requisite Assignments
Course Pre-Requisite #1
1. Complete the Tutorial for My Accreditation (Parts 1-4) approximately 30 minutes
2. Complete Job Description Activity

Course Pre-Requisite #2
1. Complete the Tutorial for My Visits (Parts 1-4) approximately 30 minutes
2. Hard/Soft Skill Exercise- Nitty Gritty, Touchy Feely
3. Update Your APG- The updates are in the second section of this page, titled “Clarifications/Revisions to the 2012 APG".

Course Pre-Requisite #3
1. Compliance Decision Activity
2. Camp Self-Assessment Activity

3. Immediate Corrective Action Activity
          a. Immediate Corrective Action Process
          b. Examples of ICA Corrections for Missed Mandatory Standards
          c. Blank ICA Form
4. Review the Background Legal Information

The “Conversation”
1. Set a time for yourconversation.  Depending on how many individuals will be participating, it is suggested to offer two times slots for this conversation.
2. This is where you’ll share the PPT, review the pre-assignment work, and hear the responses from your participants. 
3.  Make sure to allow at least an hour for this part of the training.

Technology to Consider

Join Me: If you have less than about 7-8 people, considering using Join Me.  Chose the “basic” version and it’s free.  You can then show the PPT from your screen.  Provide the participants with a conference call number and send the email to the “Join Me" Screen moments before the call.

Adobe Connect - If you have more than the 7-8 folks, contact Kim Brosnan for assistance in scheduling and using ACA’s “meeting room” with Adobe Connect.

Note: If possible, it is a good idea to have two people to administer the "conversation".  One person to click through the technology pieces (advance slides, etc.) while the second person handles the talking points on the call.  While nice, this is not necessary.

The Evaluation Survey
ACA, Inc. will set up the survey for this course.  You will send the link to the participants after the “conversation” for completion.  Results will be shared with you.   Contact Andrea Stearley two weeks after you have shared the link with participants to request your results.

1. Sample email templates
2. Assignments (this is the link you will provide the participants) www.acacamps.org/volunteers/standardsvisitors/AV2V
3. PowerPoint to use during your “conversation”
4. Course Evaluation Survey link 

Course Curricula related – contact Cyndi Satlow at csatlow@acacamps.org, 765-342-8456 x 342
Technology related – contact Kim Brosnan at kbrosnan@acacamps.org, 765-342-8456 x 314
Survey related - contact Andrea Stearley at astearley@acacamps.org, 765-342-8456 x 305