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All training materials are in the process of being updated.  Please check back later for updated curricula.

Training Curricula  (for 2012 APG)

  • Instructor Manual 
    This VERY LARGE document contains the updated standards curricula as of October, 2012. It may take some time to download.  Manual includes the Standards Course and the Associate Visitor Course (condensed version).  Each course contains the notes view of the PowerPoint slide deck (actual teaching content is in the "notes" portion), participant handouts, and instructor resources.  The Associate Visitor course also includes a mock visit toolkit and some additional resources. 

    This document is ready to print back-to-back. To do this we have intentionally added some blank pages and have included a contents page.  Pages for this manual are numbered in the upper right hand corner of each page (kindly disregard any other pagination).

  • Standards Course (Summer 2014)
    Page contains the notes view of the PowerPoint slide deck (actual curriculum is in the "notes" portion), participant handouts, and instructor resources.
  • Associate Visitor Course - Condensed Version
    This course includes a mandatory completion of a one hour online module (in addition to the candidate having completed a standards course).  The format for this version of the Associate Visitor course allows the necessary materials to be covered in 10 – 12 hours (not including meals or breaks). ACA Inc. needs to enroll online pre-course learners no later than 10 days prior to scheduled course date.
  • Associate Visitor Course - Standard Version
    The “complete in person course” does not include the additional pre-requisite and requires 14-16 hours time for the material to be covered (not including meals or breaks)
  • Visitor Refresher

Visit Resources