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2013 Visitor Refresher Course
In order to help maintain consistency in the visit process, the National Standards Commission has asked us to provide a “Visitor Refresher Course” each year and STRONGLY recommends all visitors complete the 15–20 minute course.  Topics covered in the course are those we learned caused some “confusion” over the past  year.  This is the same refresher offered in 2013.  If you did not take this refresher prior to the 2013 visit season, we strongly encourage all visitors to complete this short Refresher Course. 

This is a "self-enroll" course. To access the course:
• Go to:
• Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner
• Choose the “New Account” option (located on the right side of the page)
• Sign in using your individual ACA member number and password
• When you receive the e-mail asking you to confirm the login, please do so.
• In the left hand side of the page, choose ACA Visitor Refresher for 2013
• Spend a quick 15–20 minutes reviewing some key reminders about being an ACA accreditation visitor!

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