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2018 Standards Chair Training and Instructor Update

Standards Chair Training will be hosted October 11–13, 2018, in Indianapolis. Training will start at 4 p.m. on October 11, and end following lunch on October 13. 

Instructor Update Training will be hosted October 13-14, 2018, in Indianapolis. This training will occur immediately following Standards Chair Training – beginning October 13 and ending immediately following lunch on October 14. This Instructor Update is one of several that will be offered; the calendar of Instructor Update Courses is being finalized and will be available in June.

Please work with your ACA standards staff member to determine if you should attend one or both of these trainings so you can make flight arrangements.  Plan on arriving in time for a 4 p.m. start of the Standards Chair Training. Whether you are staying for one or both trainings, departure time should be 3 p.m. or later on the day you leave. Online registration for both of these trainings will be available in late June 2018. 


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Timeline - Recommended Dates

15th - Contact all camps currently scheduled to be visited in the coming year
1st - Email to all current visitors to confirm their desire to serve as a visitor in the coming year
15th - Follow up email to camps scheduled for visits to confirm they want to be visited and to remind them of required training.      Follow up with visitors.
1st - Begin work on Visitor Assignments
15th - Visitor assignments shared w/ camps and visitors.  Request a “I can do this” reply.
1st – Follow up w/ camps and/or visitors not heard from regarding visit
15th – Continuation of visit assignments
1st – Reminder to camps/visitors of need to complete the Camp Self-Assessment by May 1
Mid- Visit supplies shipped  (Visitor Reference Guide, score form, ICA form, etc.)
Follow up with camps and visitors on CSA, assignments, etc.

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Spring 2016 Standards Chair Meeting

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Power Point Presentations from 10-2015 Standards Chair Training