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The American Camp Association is pleased to announce a new member benefit through Ford Fleet Customer Association Incentive Program (CAI). ACA is now a qualified member association with Ford Fleet. The CAI program is specifically tailored to your needs with an off-invoice fleet incentive and bonus customer cash payment. Your camp will be eligible for discounts on new vehicles.

How does this work?

Your camp will need an active Ford Commercial Fleet Identification Number (FIN).

If you do not have a FIN number you will need to visit and complete the online registration or call 877-530-9953 to acquire one in order to receive discounts on new vehicle purchases.

You will need to let them know that you are a member of the American Camp Association, which is a qualified association. They will check their list to confirm before proceeding with your purchase or new FIN number.

Be sure to ask your ordering dealer to include the CAI to ensure you get exclusive membership benefits!

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