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Markel’s Commitment to the Camp Community

Since 1977 Markel has been an ACA business member- demonstrating their commitment to help make camp a better and safer place for all.

Healthy Camp Study 

Since 2006 Markel has supported the Healthy Camp Study, a national injury and illness monitoring program conducted in U.S. camps. This project collected important benchmarking data about camper and staff injuries and illness in day and resident camps, and led to the development of prevention and intervention strategies. Read the Healthy Camp Study Impact Report.

Healthy Camp Monitoring and Education Program

Markel's Camp Leader Partnership will support the ongoing needs of the camp community for injury and illness surveillance and prevention. The program will focus on providing electronic surveillance resources to camps and on-line education/professional development opportunities to continue to improve practices around camp health and safety. 

Markel's ongoing dedication to the world of organized camp will continue to support the Healthy Camp Monitoring and Education Program. Learn more about our Healthy Camp Toolbox.