ACA Volunteer Summit 2016

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Purpose and Objectives

To gather the local volunteer leadership — Local Council of Leaders Chairs and ACA Affiliate Presidents — along with the ACA National Board, Chief Executive Officer, and staff in order to move ACA’s mission forward together.

By the end of the meeting, collaboratively, we will hope to have:

  • Learned about the strategic focus discussed by the ACA Board of Directors at their meeting just prior to the Summit; provided input to the Board regarding the implications of their focus; and to have had meaningful discussion about our shared future.
  • Met the new ACA Chief Executive Officer, and to have heard from him about his goals to translate the Board’s vision into action and achievement for the organization.
  • Learned about recent successes, locally and nationwide, and the potential to replicate promising programs, services, and opportunities across the country.
  • Established the foundation for building a strong, networked, connected core of leaders (staff and volunteers) across the country.
  • Spent time getting to know one another and enjoying some unstructured social time.
  • Set the stage for future connections and communications across and among volunteers.


Materials, Handouts, and Post-meeting Notes

  • Success Stories from Across the Country - contact your colleages from across the country to learn more about each success story and discuss replicability in your area.
  • Volunteer Reimbursement Form (Affiliate Presidents - please submit reimbursement requests directly to your Affiliate staff.)


Contact the Staff Liaison, Michele Branconier.