Preparing for an On-Site Visit

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For camps that are seeking accreditation for the first time, or maintaining their accreditation with their on-site visit, this in an overview of the steps to take in a visit year.

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Learn about the important due dates, requirements and estimated time investment to prepare for an on-site visit through maintaining your accreditation.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Standards Commission (NSC) has approved adaptations for 2021 to the site visit, one vital component of the accreditation process. Learn more about steps in minimizing exposure including updates to the Expanded Written Documentation Review, in-person site visits, hybrid visits, virtual visits and overall safety

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To help you be prepared for your on-site visit and build your connection with your assigned visit team, the Written Documentation Review includes a small sampling of up to 26 standards that must be submitted prior to the beginning of the camp season.

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Finding the qualified staff and volunteers is a big task. Check out the resources you can use to help you find the industry experts and providers that meet the standards for certification across aquatics, adventure/challenge, first aid/cpr, horseback riding and more.

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Tips and tricks to prepare you and your camp community for the day of the visit.

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Accredited camps are responsible not only to meet state and local laws, but also to meet the requirements defined by the standards. The Accreditation Process Guide includes 7 sections of standards. The digital version is available to all accredited/seeking accreditation camps with active membership.