Timeline for On-Site Visits

In the year of your visit, you will receive an email in the fall reminding you that it's your expected visit year. You can also check your next visit year in the Accreditation Portal. This timeline will help you keep track of key tasks and requirements to complete throughout the year. If you have questions about items on this timeline, contact your local standards staff member or standards chair for assistance.


Accreditation Process Workshop

Complete this workshop as early as possible. It is required that at least 1 person from the camp team takes this in the year of the visit.


Statement of Compliance

Sign annual Statement of Compliance (currently accredited camps)

February 1

Camp Information Form*
This short form provides a snapshot of your camp to introduce your camp to your visit team.

March 31

Accreditation Process Workshop

Deadline for new camps to complete the workshop to be eligible for a visit.


Visitor assignments sent via e-mail*

May 1

Written Document Review (WDR)

Initial WDR materials must be submitted to visitor no later than this date.*


On-site visit (most visits take place during the summer months)


Camp notified of accreditation status

* Local office may have a different deadline

Reminder: Ensure fees are current to avoid resource interruption.