Delivering Happiness: Five Things Camps Can Learn from Zappos

Tony Hsieh's book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, struck a cord with millions of people. The best-selling book by the CEO of, Inc. about the company's success led to an entire movement whose mission is to "spread and inspire more happiness in the world." (2012)

WOW Your Campers’ Parents

“Hey, wazzup?” is a perfectly good greeting when meeting one of the counselors you’ll be working with this summer for the first time. But what will you say when you meet your campers’ parents?

Maybe manners and social skills come naturally to you, but even so, you need to give some thought to the impression you will leave with your campers’ parents. Your interactions with them will have a profound impact on how they feel about you, your camp, and their child’s experience. Have you thought about what impression you want to give?

How Do Your Campers Really Feel? The Benefits of Mid-Session Evaluations

The dreaded call comes the day after camp ends. A parent is calling to report that his child had a miserable camp experience because of a bully in their group, a mean counselor, or . . . (you fill in the blank).