ACA Indiana Field Office- here to help YOU!

Posted: April 03, 2013

The spring season is upon us (for some winter is holding on!), and I am sure we are all gearing up for a successful summer.  While you are opening up your camp, hiring summer staff, attending job/camper fairs, working school groups and holding weekend retreats, we want to remind you that ACA Indiana is here to help anyway we can.

Our Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) will hold our spring meeting next week, and we will continue to work in the background to support our membership.  Please know that we are here to help and we want you to use us to answer questions or as an educational resource.  We can be available to talk issues, interpret standards, consult about programs or even visit your camp.  All you need to do is ask one of our LCOL members. 

One of our LCOL goals is to visit member camps to learn more about your organization.  We also wish to continue to learn more about your needs and issues that challenge your camp.  We stay on top of most situations that affect the camp industry, but some of you are closer to specific items that may impact your program at a local level.  These are situations we would like to know more about so we can help mobilize support for your organization or help you find alternate resources.

In summary – ACA Indiana will continue to offer a value that is unmatched in our industry.  Please reach out to any of our LCOL anytime you have questions or concerns.  And as always, if you are interested in getting more involved with ACA please let me know.  Thank you.


Yours in Camping,

Sonny Adkins

Chair, ACA Indiana LCOL