Transmission vs. Transformation

Posted: July 18, 2011

It has been said that training is a form of transmission. Sounds like a sneeze! Maybe it is a good analogy. Although, its distribution can go far and wide, and one never knows who will catch it. Transmission imparts or hands down information from one to the other. In most formats, training is a one-way transmission that (hopefully) reaches others.

Learning, on the other hand, has been called transformational. It involves inquiry and often results in a personal quest or exploration much like a search mission. More often than not, the journey involves many — including those who provide orienteering support. The transformation includes exploring the unknown with concentration, discipline, fitness, and the wise use of available support systems.

What is even more remarkable is the fact that the camp community is a learning place of transformation. Each counselor has the opportunity to be a transformational leader, offering orienteering by helping others to interpret the surroundings in order to capture teachable moments and opportunities for adaptation. We are so much more than a seasonable sneeze!