Preparing for Camp: Tips for Campers (and Parents!)

Guest post by Brooke Cheley-Klebe

I love those rare moments of parenthood when I am not preparing for the next thing. Most of the time as a parent, I feel as if my day is full of getting something ready. Small things like breakfast, sack lunches, and backpacks. Big things like preparing my children to become productive adults. Our job as a parent is to prep!

It’s spring, and summer camp is on the horizon. Here are some things that you can do to prepare your camper and yourself for camp. 


3 Ways to Be a Better Camp Director in 2014

This guest post is by Audrey Monke, owner and director of Gold Arrow Camp.

I love flipping my calendar to January and the promise it offers of a fresh start. There’s something about the clean pages of a whole year stretched out in front of me that makes me believe I can accomplish more this year than I ever have before.

Is Overnight Camp the Right Option?

Overnight camp can be an incredible growing experience for your child. Maybe you went yourself – or you wish you had. But for whatever reason, you just know your child will thrive in cabin-sleepover-living. Now, you need to make sure your child feels the same way.

5 Life Lessons Learned from Sleep-Away Camp

Guest blog by Stacey Ebert

For sleep-away campers, the end of June brought endless smiles. School closed for two whole months and our second family greeted us with open arms. Mornings were spent with sleepy-eyed bunkmates and nights came alive with laughter. Days were filled with friends, canteen, and food-fights in the lodge, and countless memories were made.

5 Ways to Prepare for Summer NOW

Don’t wait ‘til you get to camp to start being the best counselor ever.

1. Check out this infographic.


2. Sign up for a free ACA membership.

Get loads of discounts and access to camp resources.
(For those of you who have never before been members.)

3. Set your goals for self-care.

Read this article for tips.

A Call to Action

Guest post by - Kim Ross, Michigan LCOL & Rachel Kornilakis

Summer is almost here and many parents are busy planning activities, vacations and every kid’s favorite, SUMMER CAMP! Foster parents have the same expectations and aspirations for foster children as does any other parent.  They want to keep foster kids busy and engaged and want to offer opportunities for growth and personal development. 

Dear Parents and Guardians Alike

Send your kids to camp. For your benefit. For theirs. For the camp and for the campers there. Send your kids to camp.

Crisis Management, Community, and a "Rig of Bamboo"

Guest post by Kevin Austin

As Rex, Stephanie, and I walked we argued over the proper way to sing "Rig of Bamboo.” We were at the Lazy W Ranch for the Student Camp Leadership Academy (SCLA), and took a walk while sharing our camp experiences, games, plans for the future, and favorite debrief tools. I knew I had found a special community of camp professionals.