Take Your Campers to Mars!

Invite your campers to join NASA for the launch of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover and excite campers with Mars activities you can conduct virtually or in-person!

Camp Research in the Age of COVID-19

Research is a big thing right now.  Of course it is — people seek certainty when things are uncertain, as they certainly are amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Research brings certainty, right?

Camp Is More Essential Than Ever

Camp teaches . . . and we do it really well. So well in fact that the kids have no idea they are learning. Camp is a kid-tested and parent-approved classroom with a curriculum that delivers daily lessons in resilience, diversity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication (the kind that doesn’t happen through a device), flexible thinking, and so much more. We build an inclusive community where kids can be confident that they belong, that they will be respected, and that they are among friends.

5 Tips for Healthy Eating Made Easy at Your Camp

Saying that this year has thrown us for a loop is an understatement. Whether you are attending camp virtually or on-site and socially distanced, one thing remains the same—you’ve got to eat. Especially during times like this, to stay healthy, it is important to put good in to get good out.

When children are in school, the guidelines on school breakfasts and lunches ensure that those meals are well rounded and offer optimal portions of the food groups. As an extension of the classroom, we know that it is important to keep those healthy habits during the summer months as well.

How to Bring Camp Home This Summer and Make Additional Revenue

Over the past two months, as we’ve adjusted (and readjusted) our summers, it has been a chance to evaluate the essence of what we impart to campers, staff, and families each summer. Looking ahead, there are two additional opportunities for camps to both engage with their constituents, as well as earn additional and much needed revenue: Camp in a Box and Online Pop-Up Stores/Canteens. Each of these offer unique moments to directly impact campers and staff, as well as provide them with something tangible from camp.

Marketing Your Online Tuck Shop

Many aspects of camp are going digital this year, including your merchandise store. An online tuck shop is an excellent source of revenue for your camp, putting your brand front and centre on items that campers will wear and cherish forever.

Once your shop is ready - now it’s time to get the message out to your audience! Marketing your shop is often the difference between selling a handful of items and selling out.

Let’s explore some of the main ways that you can promote your shop:

Be Prepared: Practice Your Pandemic-Related Procedures Before Campers Arrive

If you are preparing to host campers on-site this summer, make sure you start your season off right by implementing your COVID-19-related procedures as soon as the staff arrive.

Black Lives Matter

A message from ACA's Board Chair and President/CEO.

How Virtual Experiences Can Positively Impact Summer Learning

I have been an EdTech executive for the past 15 years, mostly focused on getting kids prepared for and through college and their first jobs. I led the largest product at the largest educational publisher at a time when the education world was just starting to “go digital.” I am also a lover of summer camp, having been blessed by my years at Camp Kenwood in the 1970s and watching my kids grow from young campers to counselors in their day programs, where my wife taught tennis.