Camp Management 101: A Director’s Guide

As a camp director, you’re responsible for a bevy of essential tasks, from day-to-day planning and administration to overseeing camp employees and monitoring expenses. Balancing these duties can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if your team isn’t supported with the right camp management software.

5 Ways to Effectively Train Summer Camp Staff during COVID-19

The importance of properly trained camp staff can't be overstated. After all, parents are putting their trust in your staff to keep their children happy and safe — and that's not a responsibility to take lightly. 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly created difficulties when it comes to making sure your staff is fully trained before they join the campers on-site, but with the help of online summer camp tools and the right technology to bring your staff up to speed, you should have no trouble. 

Indoor Mask Update

On July 27, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their general guidance for fully vaccinated individuals.

Camp Program Quality Initiative: Spotlight on the Workbook and Resource Development Group

Thanks for joining us again to continue learning about what’s happening in the Camp Program Quality Initiative (CPQI). Many exciting things are occurring, and we are happy to share an update about this work. This is the fourth blog in a five-part series about the CPQI working groups.

Photograph Mosquito Babies and Map Mosquito Habitats at Camp

Mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous animal, but monitoring efforts can bring early warning of potential disease outbreaks. Campers in your programs can help! Take photos of mosquito "babies" (larvae) and their habitats then use the GLOBE Observer app to report potential mosquito habitat and the presence of mosquito larvae. Scientists can use your data along with NASA satellite data to study mosquitoes and to forecast a community's risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

NASA eClips™ Provides Engaging and Flexible Resources for Camps

Captivating and interactive NASA eClipsTM resources use best practices to inspire youth through STEM experiences in nonformal and formal settings.  Because of their on demand availability, the short, content-rich activities and video segments are ideal for connecting campers to NASA content.  NASA eClips resources engage campers ages 8 and up with activities about Earth and its environment, the solar system, the Sun, and the universe  -- through the lens of NASA.

CampWire Episode 39: Mindfulness Practices at Camp

ACA's Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with Susan Fee and Tanea Mills to discuss how mindfulness practices can enhance the camp experience. 

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments - Toolkit to Share with Your Camp Community

The American Rescue Plan Act recently expanded the 2021 child tax credit and made advanced payments available. As a result, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has created a toolkit (PDF) that you can share with your camp parents to help them get part of their child tax credit in advance.

Four Steps For Keeping Your Camp Safe This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a physical and mental health toll on everyone, especially young people. Adolescents and young adults have faced increased anxiety and depression, and parents are eager to get their children back safely to the activities they love. Parents are seeking reassurance from camp directors that plans are in place to keep their children safe from COVID-19.

For Peace of Mind This Summer, Keep an Eye on Your Indoor Air Quality

The arrival of COVID-19 has pushed indoor air quality into the spotlight like never before. We’re all concerned about who and what we’re sharing the air with. So now that the world is starting to open up, we take a look at some of the measures you can put in place to keep your campers and camp counselors safe this summer.