Energize Your Waterfront in Five Easy Steps

What's the most popular program at American Camp Association camps? Waterfront activities! That's why at RAVE Sports, the most common questions we receive from Camp Directors and Waterfront Directors are related to upgrading waterfront programs that will provide value to activities and energize programming.

Update from President/CEO Tom Rosenberg on COVID-19

Dear Colleagues:

I want to take a moment to reach out to you during these challenging times and remind you that the American Camp Association is here to support you as you work to plan for the summer through evolving guidance, information, and contingencies.

3 Crucial Takeaways From The 2020 ACA National Conference

Now that we have all returned from the 2020 ACA National Conference, let's discuss three big takeaways that we learned this year.

The Camp Directors Guide to Bed Bug Prevention

Let’s face it, camp directors juggle a lot. Parents are looking to you to provide an engaging, educational, and safe environment. Some safety precautions may seem obvious: helmets on the zip line, certified lifeguards, food safety measures. Others, less so. As leaders in the camp bedding industry for over 25 years, we are here to help you provide protection to both your campers and your facilities from a tiny but serious visitor.


How Detailed Reporting Changes The Way You Run Camp

It's no secret that many camp administrative teams struggle to find a comprehensive management solution that meets - and exceeds - all of their operational needs. As an industry leader for over 8 years, CampSite has been witness to many of the ways camps try to stay organized. From mountains of files and paperwork and tediously designed spreadsheets to one-off apps or platforms promising a quick fix, there is no doubt there is more than one way to run a camp.

CampWire Episode #26: Leading Voice in Youth Education & Development

We are delighted to sit down with ACA's Director of Research, Dr. Laurie Browne to break down what it means to be a "Leading Voice for Camp in Youth Education and Development". We provide research updates and look to the future of the camp industry. Catch Dr. Browne at the Research Forum during ACA's National Conference (February 11-14) in San Diego, CA.

Want to learn more about ACA's research initiatives? Check out our Research Page on our website.

5 Bold Predictions for the Camp Industry in 2020

2020 will be an incredible year for camps, but there could be some unexpected curveballs. Here are our predictions for how the camp industry will change in 2020.

CampWire Episode #25 | Strategic Plan with Henry DeHart

ACA's Chief Operating Officer, Henry DeHart, joins the podcast to discuss the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

In this episode, we cover the 4 over-arching goals of the strategic plan and how they serve as pillars of quality assurance for camp families, volunteers and staff.

Take a listen as Henry details how the strategic plan was created, how it affects you, how to get involved and what this means for the future of camp. 


CampWire Episode #24: Camp in the "Offseason"

Join the conversation with Directors Carl Wargo (YMCA Camp Y-Noah), Dan Reynolds (Akron Rotary Camp), Diana Huff (AstroCamp), Paul Kupferman (Catalina Sea Camp) and Heather Kupferman (Guided Discoveries)!