University Camps Navigating Virtual Programming with Minors — Lessons Learned

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: 2020 was hard! While it was not the path any of us chose, it was the path presented to us, and we had to adapt. Some programs made the difficult decision to shut down completely for the year; others made the equally difficult decision to transition to an entirely new mode of programming — virtual. None of us can deny what we lost by not having in-person programming; however, I’d like to reflect on a few lessons learned about virtual programs.

How Summer Camp Administrators Can Regulate Incoming Requests

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2021 Camper Enrollment Snapshot

With spring officially sprung and summer just around the corner, it’s hard to believe another camp season is nearly upon us! In an effort to try and gain some insight into enrollment and staffing trends for the upcoming summer, we recently sent out our annual enrollment snapshot survey. However, knowing that 2020 was a unique year, we asked respondents to think back and compare current enrollment and staffing trends to 2019, prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CampWire Episode 36: Transforming the Culture of Your Camp Organization

In this episode, President of Mo Ranch, Tim Huchton sits down with Mark Dibble (CEO) and Greg Keresztury (COO) of theYMCA of the Pines in southern New Jersey.Together they discuss data strategies, tools and goals that might help identify and address weaknesses in camp programs.

Learn how your organization can embrace change that leads to cultivating a sustainable camp culture.

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Prioritizing Camp Safety Training in 2021: What's Changed, and How Can We Adapt?

It goes without saying that safety training is always an important priority at camp. Whether it's abuse prevention, aquatic, or transportation safety, or how to supervise effectively, it has always been critical that staff and counselors are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to keep campers safe. 

In 2021, however, that need is greater than ever. And that's because of several intersecting challenges:  

Lights, Camera, Camping! Ensuring Copyright Compliance at Your Camp

Everybody needs a little sunshine. Camps provide an opportunity for guests of all ages to connect with the natural environment, recharge, and create lasting memories. While there’s nothing quite like stories by the campfire, camps aren’t quite technology-free. Maybe you have a clubhouse or lodge with a television, a projector, or even cable or satellite service. These tools can be a great way to supplement or enhance outdoor activities.

4 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Training Camp Staff

Getting ready to open your summer camp in 2021 can be overwhelming. With ever-growing checklists and numerous safety guidelines to consider, it can be difficult to manage alone. Thankfully, you have the support of your wonderful camp staff, who stand by your side and will soon be on the front lines, creating lifelong memories with young campers. You know your staff needs to be prepared to deal with new realities that may unfold this summer — but what training will you give them so they know how to keep themselves and the campers safe?

Recommended Uses of Low-Cost Ventilation in Camps for COVID-19 Considerations

Summer camp ventilation historically has been very easy — just open up the windows and let the fresh summer air in. Unless your summer camp is in a warm location, the use of fans or ventilation has likely not been in the forefront of your mind. COVID-19 has introduced new challenges to the camp industry. Infection stems from a respiratory virus that is mostly spread through your mouth or nose. Coughing, sneezing, talking, or even singing can expel respiratory droplets, which can contain the virus if you are infected.

CampWire Episode 35: Harness the Power of Plants for Your Program

 Join the conversation about the importance and value of connecting young people to the power of plants and the rewards of growing them as a key aspect of youth development. 

Guide to Hydration and COVID Safety

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