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This discussion group is an automated e-mail mailing list that allows for interactive dialogue between members of the American Camp Association. Messages, questions, and responses will be collected and sent to all subscribers once a day in a "digest" format.This allows you to pose questions and share experiences with your colleagues.

Please don’t use this discussion group to ask direct questions of ACA. If you have a question for an ACA staff member or department, please e-mail them directly. This discussion group is for non-commercial purposes only, and may not be used to market products or services. This discussion group is provided as another member service to members of ACA.

If your posting does not draw any response, it may be too general a question for an e-mail reply. Rephrase the question while providing more information if you would like to try again. It is often helpful to follow the discussions already going on to determine the nature of the questions most successful at providing helpful responses.

No question should be considered too basic for the Camp Professionals Discussion Group, but remember the limitations of the medium - vague questions requiring long answers are unlikely to bring any response, and long essays are generally not conducive to e-mail discussions. If a long series of questions and answers will be required to explain a situation, it is probably best to ask for help. If any willing volunteers respond, move the discussion off the list and correspond privately.

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