Day Camp - Fun Is Right Around the Corner

June 30, 2015
Tom Holland

Last week, former ACA CEO Tom Holland welcomed us to camp. This week, Tom explains a few reasons why “Fun Is Right Around the Corner” at a day camp near you.

Day camps provide children with opportunities to participate in specialized activities like fishing, acting, and cooking, providing them with new experiences while they make new friends and enjoy their summer. The benefit of day camp is that it allows children to come home at the end of the day to share what they’ve learned with their families, making it a perfect choice for younger children, children who have never been away from home, or children preparing for their first sleepaway camp experience.  

For parents, day camp provides an opportunity to observe the development of their child in the summer months. At day camp, children learn essential, critical skills like compassion, creativity, and teamwork, leading to success in the classroom and beyond. By finding a day camp experience for their children, parents ensure their continued growth all summer long. 

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