Steps You Can Take To Reduce Unemployment Costs

  1. File all reports completely and on time. Avoid penalties.
  2. Make payments on time. Avoid penalties.
  3. Report fraud immediately, against you or fellow employers.
  4. Report any claimant's refusal of suitable work, by yourself or other
  5. Carefully and immediately review claim notices sent to you for accuracy
    and honesty.
  6. When you get your experience rating adjustment each year — review
    it in detail and reconcile it against your payroll records, account
    balance, and known unemployment claims.
  7. Private companies and plans can save money only if you factor in time
    saved by your staff. If you have the time to devote to it, you pay the
    same in the end, whether to the state, or the private plan.
  8. Hire carefully and investigate the background of everyone you hire.
    Stable employees are good employees, and in the long run, save money
    in more ways than one!


Originally published in the 1999 Winter issue
of The CampLine.


The most important thing you

The most important thing you have to be is with the maintenance of the accounts and do it properly and on time, which would actually save you a lot of expenses. And be careful while you hire the workers for your camp.