Promotional Materials to Support Your Camp Moves Me Effort

October will be here before you know it! It’s time to start recruiting your Camp Moves Me team and building your donor base. We’ve come up with some language you can use to promote your participation and encourage your camp family to join you in raising money for your camp’s scholarships! Please feel free to adjust the content to fit your needs.

Building Your Team

Copy and paste text below to send to anyone who would be willing to get moving in October and raise money for your camp.

Help [NAME OF CAMP] raise camp scholarship funds!

This October, [NAME OF CAMP] will be participating in Camp Moves Me 2019, hosted by the American Camp Association (ACA). As an ACA-Accredited® Camp, we have the unique opportunity to raise funds through this nation-wide effort to support camp scholarships right here at [NAME OF CAMP].

But we need your help!

Sign up now to become a member of the [NAME OF CAMP] team by visiting Then, spread the word by sharing the link on your social media pages. [NAME OF CAMP] will also be promoting our team to alumni, parents, and other friends of camp.

Then, don’t forget to move during the month of October. Log your activity on your RallyUp page so we can make the most of every pledge made to support our team. Ninety cents of every dollar our team raises can be put directly to use for scholarships for our campers.

Please help us build our team. Sign up today!