Educational Sessions - Chesapeake Camp Conference

Roz and Jed Buck, Roz and Jed Training & Consulting

Training Your Summer Supervisors:  Key Steps to Positive Impacts

If our industry goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of our campers through exceptional youth development experiences, whose role is it to make this happen?  You guessed it…it’s all about the people working at your camp and interacting with your campers every day of the summer.  We will share 4 key areas of focus to prepare your team of summer supervisors to be effective leaders that support, guide, coach and mentor your staff to greatness this summer.


Roz and Jed Buck, Roz and Jed Training & Consulting

Making Rainy Days Special Days

Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate with our plans at camp.  When the rain starts, the fun does not need to end.  Exciting games and activities that campers play only on rainy days can help make those days special days that campers will talk about and remember.


Anne Hilb, Graymake

Building a Relational, Restorative Culture at Camp

Join Graymake, LLC to learn the basics of restorative practices in a camp setting. RP is a social science that studies how to strengthen and repair relationships between individuals and communities. The purpose is to build healthy communities, increase social capitol, decrease crime and antisocial behavior, repair harm and restore relationships. The fundamental hypothesis of restorative justice is that “human beings are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes in their behavior when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.”In this interactive hour, will discuss how you, as someone in a position of authority over young people, can provide powerful lessons in community, character building, skill development and healthy living in a restorative way that does WITH.


Katie Johnson, The Redwoods Group

Last Summer at Camp….

Last summer at camp….we hear a lot of great stories that start out that way! Unfortunately, there are always a few stories that involve incidents and accidents at camp. This session will review the trends we saw at camp in 2018 and discuss lessons learned and strategies for prevention moving forward. The world of risk management is ever changing and evolving – let’s talk about what’s happening and how we are mitigating the risk.


Katie Johnson, The Redwoods Group

Balancing Risk Management and the Heart of Your Camp Program

In our world of increasing parent expectations regarding the safety of children in our programs, it often feels that the net that is cast around camp – and our ability for opportunities of independence, free play, and exploration – is getting tighter and tighter. Do we let campers be on their own without a staff person present, knowing that the claims regarding bullying and peer to peer abuse are increasing? Is it enough to swim test campers, but not provide levels of protection (such as PFDs for all non-swimmers). How do we balance the complex world and risk management expectations of parents (100% supervision??) with the heart & soul of our camp programs. This session will dive into these questions and present opportunities for discussion as we look for opportunities to maintain the intent of our programs in a way that meets risk management best practices.


Douglas Crawford, Douglas Crawford Architect PLLC

Designing Your Mission; Architecture and Placemaking to Enhance Your Camp’s Built Environment

Does your camp’s master plan and architecture reflect the values of your camp?  Developing a master plan for your site that connects with your organization’s goals is a crucial step to ensure investments are purposefully placed into action.  The facilities at your camp, no matter how small or utilitarian, each impact the whole of your mission.  This discussion hopes to provoke the questions that should be asked when master planning and designing your camp’s facilities.


Daniel Shore, Shore Research and Consultation

See You Next Summer!...Right? What You Can Do This Summer to Get Staff Back Next Summer

My research on summer camp staff suggests that up to 40% of staff are already not planning to come back NEXT summer as soon as they arrive at camp THIS summer. To proactively approach this challenge, camp leaders must create value and support from the get-go. In this session, we will explore how to effectively prepare staff supervisors, message to staff, and create clear protocols for listening to staff--all of which can help drive staff to be more enthusiastic about returning for summer 2020.


Danny Herz, URJ 6 Points Sports Academy

Coaching Your Staff: Develop Your Staff Culture with Intentional Coaching

Coach Danny Herz, the dynamic speaker and Director of 6 Points Sports Academy, will share how he uses his coaching techniques to build the culture for his staff. Danny will disclose the details of his staff development ideas that has led to dozens of former assistant coaches becoming head coaches, and dozens of former camp staff members moving on to successful leadership positions of their own.


Chris Quinn, Kids After Hours

Level Up Your Staff

Why is it that the moment a Director steps out of a center, everything seems to fall apart? Instead of wishing for better staff or lamenting the lack of a "dream team," learn how to turn a lackluster group of employees into a cohesive squad.