Featured Speaker - Chesapeake Camp Conference

Chris Quinn posing with students

Meet our Keynote Speaker Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn is the 2021 American Camp Association (ACA) Chesapeake keynote speaker. He has been working in the childcare industry since 2003 and has been a director at Kids After Hours in Maryland for the past ten years. He currently directs Kids After Hours' largest after-school center and facilitates staff trainings. In 2017, Chris spoke at the Toastmasters' International Semi-Final Contest in Vancouver and currently works with childcare and camp programs to develop leadership among staff.


The Leadership Ladder: The Steps to Get Your Staff to the Top

A staff member came into my office asked for a raise.  On paper they could do everything that we had on our checklist:  Run a group of kids, complete administrative tasks, but it was hard to justify a raise.  They just didn’t display the characteristics you want to see in a leader. Fantastic staff members sometimes have that intangible quality about them.  What makes them stick out? We want to cultivate the leadership qualities within our staff. We typically measure tasks that can be compiled on a checklist.  How do you measure leadership? Learn how to cultivate the leadership qualities that are hard to capture on a checklist.