Exhibiting Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips for a successful show:

  • Before the conference, invite people to come and see you. Use the show logo and add your booth number to pre-show communications. Have two or three compelling reasons for people to come visit your booth.
  • Have a goal. Are you going to the conference to meet new prospects? To launch a new product? Know what you’re there to do and be prepared!
  • Stand up and greet the attendees. Be energetic!
  • First impressions count. How do you want people to view you? Make your booth standout.
  • Smile, it sets the stage for everything else!
  • Ask visitors questions about their needs and listen carefully to their responses.
  • Don’t focus on the features of your product or service, focus on the benefits visitors will experience when using your product or service.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. If something goes wrong, just remember that camp people are friendly, caring and fun.
  • After the conference, sit down and go through your notes. Organize, categorize and prioritize your leads, and follow up with new leads while the conference is still fresh in their minds!
  • Above all, have fun! If you’re enjoying yourself, the attendees will enjoy visiting your booth.

After a very successful experience as a first time ACA National Conference exhibitor in 2011, we asked CampDoc to give us a few of their tips. Thank you CampDoc.com