ACA Webinars

ACA webinars are multidimensional virtual seminars that combine audio and visual elements allowing you to expand your professional development portfolio.  

Recorded webinars are also available.

Upcoming Webinars Date CECs
ACA Coffee Break Webinar - WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Standard HW.11 Asks for a Camp’s Healthcare Policy
Tracey Gaslin, Executive Director, Association of Camp Nurses
3/5/15 1.0 CEC total for attending all three events
Tips for Working with Campers on the Autism Spectrum 3/12/15 1.5
Tech-KNOW: Designing Your Technology Policy
Dr. Christopher Thurber
3/18/15 1.5
What Just Happened?!? Reflections and Review That Stick!
Scott Arizala
3/26/15 1.5
Care, Feeding, Horse Safety – They’re All Related!
Christy Landwehr, Executive Director, Certified Horsemanship Association
4/1/15 1.5
The Good, the Bad and the Catchy: Camp Professionals Respond to Communicable Diseases (like Measles)
Tracey Gaslin PhD, CRNI, CNPN, FNP-BC and Linda Erceg, RN, MS, PHN
4/9/15 1.5
Simple Tips on How to Create a Healthy Food Culture at your Camp
Genie Gunn
4/16/15 1.5
Camper Supervision Under the Microscope: What Your Staff Are Missing and What You Can Do About It
Kim Aycock
4/29/15 1.5
The “Game” of Life: Teaching Healthy Competition at Camp
Dr. Brian Greenwood
5/6/15 1.5
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