CampSafe: Online Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Staff


Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW

Core Competency

Family & Community
Health & Wellness
Human Resources
Risk Management
Youth Development

Type of Course

Partner Online Course



CampSafe is an innovative, interactive eLearn training empowering camp staff with awareness and knowledge about child sexual abuse prevention. Preparing staff before they arrive to camp on this sensitive topic ensures everyone has the same baseline knowledge of sexual abuse prevention, response and reporting. All staff participate in a 35 minute pre-camp eLearn training. The CampSafe Director’s portion includes screening protocol of staff, policy and procedures, creating a Child Protection Team, more in-depth knowledge of sexual abuse prevention, and an in-person training to be implemented the week before camp. This open communication about sexual abuse prevention, the increased confidence of all staff to understand how to manage their own behavior/boundaries as well as how to respond if they have any concerns, increases the professionalism and standards of your camp. CampSafe is created by KidSafe Foundation, the leader in sexual abuse prevention education.

Endorsed by the ACA  

CampSafe makes your camp safer for children and staff. Educated Staff Equals Safer Camps

At the conclusion of this training all staff will be able to:

  1. Identify the signs of sexual abuse and characteristics of a child in need.
  2. Describe and recognize the signs of grooming in a camp setting.
  3. Follow professional camp protocol to seek supervision regarding any concerns or to report abuse.

Evaluation process: Pre and Post testing. Post summer interviews and surveys with Directors.

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