Awards in ACA, Evergreen

We need you to help us recognize some of the great people and programs in the Evergreen Region through our Annual Awards!

Local Office Newcomer Award - This award honors newer members (less than 5 years) who have been actively involved in local/regional ACA activities. Nominate Now.

Service Award - Outstanding service above and beyond expecation given to the local ACA area. Nominate Now.

Gordie Hamilton Award for Excellence in Camp Programming. Critera: Creative and imaginative planning, programming and implementation. Relevance to the needs of camper (and staff). Involvment of campers (and staff) in planning and implementation. Potential for replication and adaptability. Cooperative efforts with other organizations, agencies, or camp. Activity evaluated in attainment of stated objectives. Nominate Now.

Henderson Award - The Henderson Award is given to individuals in the recognition of exceptional service to camping and the Evergreen Field Office of the American Camp Association. The Award was establised in 1972 to honor Frank and Lucille Henderson for their many years of dedication and service to the field of camping in this area. Criteria: Contributions to camping in the Evergreen area. Significant involvement in offices (local or national). Involvement in own agency or in camp. Length of ACA service. "Uniqueness" of contribution over a long period. Impact on camping, staff, or agency. Nominate Now.

See a list of past recipients.

Please send completed nomination forms to the attention of Jessica Carter,  or Girl Scouts of Western Washington, 601 Valley St, Seattle, WA 98109 by December 14th, 2018.