Leaders in ACA, Heart of the South

Local Leadership Council

Darell Stillwell
Chair Local Council of Leaders
Kenticky 4-H Camps

Christina Bradley
Membership Chair
Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Andy Sigmon
Standards Co-Chair
Cathedral Domain

Anne Weinberg
Standards Co-Chair

Shanelle Lambert-Raugh
Education Co-Chair
Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp

Paige Moffett 
Education Co-Chair
El Pueblo Spanish Camp

John Latimer
District Chair, Alabama
Camp Seale Harris

Ali Miller
District Chair, Arkansas
Camp Aldersgate

Christine Bergeron
District Chair, Louisana
Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center

Samuel Doescher 
District Chair, Mississippi
Camp Stanislaus

Bri Payne
District Chair, Tennessee
John Knox Center Camp Aldersgate

Lauren Reichstein
Camp Holloway

Meredith Austin De Renzo
Bear Creek Aquatic Campy