ACA Indiana Spring 2013 Auction

ACA Indiana Auction Update

The ACA Indiana Auction has had a great start and looking to finish strong. 

This is due to our large number of generous donors.  These include Big Splash Adventure (French Lick), Conner Prairie, Culver Coffee Company, Evansville Zoo, Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Ft Wayne Zoo, Holiday World/Splashin Safari, Indy Zoo, Koch Family Children's Museum, The Melting Pot, Yurts of America, The Electric Brew, Canlan Ice Sport, Culver Military Academy, Jameson Camp, Dave and Anna Weigand….. The gift certificates, weeks of camp, individual items, and sharing of talents have been amazing, so thank you all!

The auction is not over yet, though!  We still have great items for sell such as great books for camp, a week of camp at Jameson, an amazing Coca-Cola grill, training from Dave and Anna Weigand, and more!  Check it out for yourself to support ACA Indiana.  We have raised $500+ to date, but we still have 2 weeks left!  Let’s make this the best year ever!


We sincerely admire your continued passion and support to ACA Indiana. Over the last 2 years, our online auction has raised over $2500. This money directly supports our membership through professional development, educational programs, scholarships and additional resources. Thank you!

Once again your Indiana field office will organize this fundraising event to help continue the delivery of high quality service and resources for our membership. WE NEED YOUR HELP...please read on...

Start Shopping Now

ACA Indiana will be hosting the online auction using eBay Giving Works. Through eBay's partner/administrator called MissionFish, we will be able offer to a broader audience the chance to bid on items that we all will provide, and receive 100% of the sales - which directly benefits our section. We will soon be sending out the link to our auction home page for easy access, but otherwise this is organized similar to any other eBay auction item or store. Please read further how you can help our effort.

Ok, sounds great - how can I help?

Glad you asked... Our Winter auction will open January 14th and run through February 15th, 2013. (The site is actually open all the time, and you can donate -sell- items all year...our secret is no more!)

We need items

  1. Auction items - These are items you can part with and think will sell. Items include things from your garage or closet, pictures, kitchen supplies, clothes, tools, even cars!
         We want items that have a good chance to sell. If we don't sell an item, we pay a posting fee.
         The more items we have the greater participation by bidders and the better chance for profit!
  2. Donations for auction items - This is where we need additional support from you. We are looking for donation items from people/organizations who you are connected with from your camps.
         These items might include vacation packages, sports/music tickets, gift certificates, motel packages, etc. We all have these people on our boards, as parents, business partners, or other community leaders.
         We will need the contact information of the donor so that we can thank all participants.

Get your donations to auction

  1. BEST-- Post the items to eBay Giving Works on your own (see attached cheat sheet if you're not an eBay junkie!) By doing this, you will be able to select a percentage of profit to go to ACA Indiana. Please consider a 100% gift!
    Shipping-the most common shipping methods are FedEx, UPS, and USPS. If you are concerned with the posting fee, you can include it in the sale price- either a flat rate (based on price checking shipping ahead of time) or letting Ebay calculate the rate and automatically add it to the invoice.
  2. Take a digital picture(s) of your items, write a short description and e-mail to Sonny Adkins at and we will take care of posting the item. Again, you will still need to cover shipping of the auction item to the winning bidder. Please provide an approximate weight of the item ready to be shipped so that postage can be added to the auction price.

USPS Shipping Tips-

  • compare shipping options before posting (USPS Priority Flat Rate may be cheaper than regular Priority, Priority may be as cheap as parcel and includes a free box and tracking service included)
  • by purchasing your postage online, there is a discounted rate AND if you enter the buyers email, USPS will automatically send the recipient "it's been shipped" notice with tracking info
  • online purchase included tracking free- you pay extra for tracking if you ship at the post office
  • you can request package pickup from your mail carrier


Participate in the auction!

Spread the word! We will be sending the link to the auction in the next week or two.

  • Tell your friends, peers, family...anyone who has access to a computer and who would like to support the mission of our organization.
  • If you use social media, share the link via Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and any other sources you have.
  • Text it.
  • Tweet it.
  • If you have a website, feel free to add a link to our Auction Homepage!
  • Ask if you can place a note in your neighborhood, church or school newsletter.

Donate cash $$$. There is an option (a button) to make a onetime donation through the eBay site. This as a great option for those who do not want to shop our auction, but still wish to participate in our effort. Just click and give.

Ideas of items to donate:

  • Camp apparel inventory (sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.)
  • A week of camp (we auctioned 2 of these last year- one was purchased and donated to a worthy family whom otherwise wouldn't have afforded camp for their child.)
  • A gift certificate for your challenge course or another program your organization offers.
  • Gift certificates- restaurants, spa packages, services, goods, etc.
  • Things from your home or garage (in good condition) i.e. pictures, sporting equipment, electronics, etc. Items that were well received last year also included maple syrup, a Blessing Basket, T-shirts, etc.
  • Tickets to sporting events or other entertainment venues
  • Golf outings
  • Weekend get away
  • Camp equipment such as canoes, archery items, arts & crafts, etc.
  • Anything else you can think of that may sell to help our cause


ACA Indiana needs your support so we can keep doing the great things we do for children and camps throughout Indiana. Bottom line - YOU HELP! Because it is, and will always be FOR THE KIDS! We need to strive for 100% participation!

All questions, comments should be directed to the Auction Committee: Sonny Adkins or Brent Cummins


Sonny Adkins - LCOL Chair, ACA Indiana