ACA, Indiana Winter Gathering Session Highlights

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Creating a Staff Culture for Retention and Excellence
Jolly Corley, Robindel for Girls
How do we get good staff and get them to commit for a single summer or even multiple summers?  How do we compete to find the best staff in an ever global world with so many opportunities available to those we want to work at camp?  Millennials & Gen Z want transparency, collaboration, work-life balance and leadership opportunities. You will be given the opportunity to consider ways to recruit, hire and invest the time and energy required to give the best, and in turn receive the best out of your staff, while keeping the needs of potential staff and camp at the forefront. Staff who are thoughtful, engaged and invested in the entire camp culture provide campers with an environment in which they can thrive and grow.
Camping in COVID Times: Effective Health and Wellness Measures
Tracey Gaslin, Association of Camp Nursing
The difficult summer of 2020 has required a great deal of work, innovation, intentionality, and grit.  For those camps who provided services this summer, we have a great deal to learn from them.  This session will outline research information gathered from camps who operated this summer.  This session will discuss decision-making criteria and nonpharmacologic interventions (NPIs) that helped camps provide a summer experience to youth across the US. 
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Empowering Young People, Inspiring Action
Gemini A. Murray, M.S.
What is Diversity without Equity and Inclusion? Today’s high school and college-age teens are growing up in a culture where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are critical aspects in creating a better world. With the obvious racial climate in our country, young people are at the forefront of the movement to bring awareness and condemn racism, intolerance, and injustice.
This session will focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion especially as it relates to High School and College Age workers who are lending their voices and leading the charge in a movement to bring about change. We will engage in thought provoking discussions about the benefits of diversity, the struggle to achieve Equity, and what it means to be truly inclusive. The question becomes, what transformational strategies can we use to empower people to be more empathetic, self-aware, and motivated to act despite systemic policies and practices that create obstacles to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?
Advertising for Summer 2021
Kelley Freridge, American Camp Association
Welcome to the new trendless era of advertising — impossible to forecast sentiment, plan for cultural shifts, or tap into consumer insights. When the house is always on fire, it’s hard to get anyone’s attention.  So, let’s walk the line between outright promoting your program like it’s 2019 and being sensitive to the culture of COVID. Let’s forget the hype, lean into market position, connect with consumers digitally, and focus on share of voice.
Succession Planning
Bryan Orander, Charitable Advisors
While Baby Boomer leaders continue to stream out the door into retirement or their next phase of service, nonprofit organizations are also facing the reality that next generation nonprofit leaders are not likely to experience twenty-year or thirty-year tenures. Charitable Advisors is finding a recurring theme in their succession planning and nonprofit executive search work that indicates successful younger leaders are often anxious for a new challenge after just 4-5 years in the ED/CEO seat.

In this session, Bryan Orander will share multiple approaches to preparing an organization for that inevitable leadership turnover. Every organization should have an Emergency Succession Plan in case of illness or unexpected departure of the chief executive. In addition, every nonprofit should be investing in their leadership team to strengthen their work, and ideally groom future leaders. Finally, as a leader approaches retirement or a planned departure, there are steps that can be taken to ensure a smoother transition and reduce the impact on staff, donors/funders, and clients.
Camps and COVID-19: What We Know, What We Don't, and Where We Go from Here
Laurie Browne, American Camp Association
Are you curious about the impact of COVID-19 nationally on camp programs, businesses, and participants?  The ACA research team will present what they learned through various studies conducted in Summer 2020 to help you prepare for 2021.  ACA’s Director of Research will share new findings and
answer your questions in a live Q and A.
CAMP:  It's Where We Go From Here
Jolly Corley, Robindel for Girls
Join Jolly in this closing keynote to capture the energy and collective knowledge of our camp community’s past and present. Reminding ourselves of our past can help us consider the path forward. Camps were created from challenges and needs of our community.  We know our campers need us more than ever.  Let us step forward into a future with confidence that although it is uncertain, it may be where we are meant to go.