Product Placement

ACA connects your business and products to children, families, and camps. Use this program to promote free product samples to the youth professionals market. Contract with ACA and gain access to the potential 7 million+ campers and their families that attend ACA camps across the country every year.

Increase your brand awareness with ACA, a youth development leader

  • Geographic segmentation
  • Age grouping
  • Socioeconomic segmentation
  • Sampling opportunities in dining halls, snack times, etc.
  • Product placement opportunities in land and water activities, creative arts, outdoor pursuits, etc.
  • Youth-focused causes (leadership, physical activity, enrichment)

Tap the buying power and target audience of the ACA camp community

  • Co-branding opportunity with ACA through e-communications
  • Permission-based access to a targeted audience of children, youth, and adults
  • 2,700+ summer camps
  • 7 million+ children and youth
  • 300,360 young adult and adult staff

Program Fees for Product Placement/Sampling Mailing Lists

Costs are determined by the number of samples sent to ACA camps. Call for a quote: Kim Bruno, 765-349-3309