Camp Advertising Email Campaign

Access ACA Camps Through an Email Campaign

Email marketing remains one of the strongest ways for companies to stay in touch with their customers, keep their customers informed, and ensure that they stay in the forefront of their customers’ mind when it comes time to make a purchase.  ACA list contains approximately 1800 camp email addresses.  The average open rate for ACA Business Affiliate emails are 24% with an average click through of 1%.

Cost:  $600 for all camp list; please contact for partial list costs.

Process:  You will not receive a list of ACA camp email addresses.  You will send ACA your HTML content and we will send the email out to camps on your behalf.

ACA Email Agreement - Access to ACA camp email addresses are available only to current ACA Business Affiliates. If you are not an ACA Business Affiliate - Join Today.

The email response has been phenomenal! -Jerilyn Oquendo, Heavywood Furniture

Tips for a successful email campaign:

  • Create a powerful subject line and stay away from SPAM trigger keywords.
  • Make sure your email provides a combination of text and images - avoid sending one image with all your messaging in it.
  • Keep your email to one page.
  • Have a call to action such as a coupon or a give away.
  • Make sure your graphics standout

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