Direct Mail List

Direct Mail Marketing Works - Promote Your Business to ACA camps

Direct-mail advertising is used by every type of business to communicate with current and potential customers.  Use direct mail to announce a new product or service, or to provide discounts to a select group of people. A direct-mail campaign can target an audience either broad or narrow; multiple marketing factors determine the rate of return, which varies for different campaigns.  Use the ACA Direct Mail List to reach approximately 3,000 camps across the U.S.

ACA DIRECT MAIL AGREEMENT – The direct mail list is only available to current ACA Business Affiliates. If you are not an ACA Business Affiliate – Join Today.

Return Rate:  You can expect a 1/2 to a 2 percent of returned mail from any direct mail campaign. 

Calculating your ROI:  Calculate the return for a direct-mail campaign by multiplying the four key elements: sale price, number of mailings, response rate and conversion rate. The response rate is the number of people who respond to an ad; the conversion rate is the number who make a purchase. Subtract the campaign cost and divide the total by the campaign cost; this gives the rate of return. For example, assume you spent $1,000 to send out 100 postcards advertising a product for $50; 10 people came in, but only five people bought the product. In this example, the calculation is 50 x 100 x 10 x 5; subtract 1,000 from that product and then divide the difference by 1,000 – resulting in 249, or about 25 percent.

Tips for a successful mailing campaign: 

  • Create objectives with a strong call to action, such as a coupon.
  • Target a specific group with a 10-percent savings on select merchandise.
  • Carefully select the type of mailing piece you want to send.  Postcards are most often looked at.
  • Be sure that you can track results.  This is the only way you will be able to determine your ROI.
  • Stay committed.  Don't give up if you do not succeed on the first try.  People need at least 5 touch points before they will react.