CIC Health COVID-19 Testing: Get Kids Back to Camp Safely

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CIC Health, one of the largest COVID-19 testing services providers in the country, offers high-quality testing at the lowest possible cost for safer schools, daily life, and summer camp experiences. We have facilitated more than 1.5 million tests, largely in youth settings. Our flexible camp testing solutions can be tailored for pre-arrival, arrival, or ongoing surveillance testing — whatever your camp needs. Our pooled testing solution, modeled on the success of our work with over 600 schools, reduces costs to as low as $6 per camper or staff member and does not require us to collect and store private health information.

What you can expect from our testing solutions for camps:

  • Program setup and guidance
  • Supplies procurement
  • Training for program administration; sample observation, collection and transport; and more
  • Quick, easy, and comfortable sample collection (shallow nasal swab)
  • Connection to third party resources for on-site assistance

We are dedicated to helping your camp open safely and efficiently — and stay open — offering ongoing support throughout our partnership. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

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