CLiC-iT Smart Belay Technology for Adventures at Height


CLiC-iT Smart Belay technology offers a user-friendly, award-winning solution to protecting staff and campers at-height. Whether operating ziplines, adventure parks, or high circuits, CLiC-iT has a model compatible for almost any adventure off the ground.

Designed and manufactured in France, CLiC-iTs require virtually no course modification to begin using on existing courses looking to upgrade to a more secure alternative than traditional carabiners. Two internal cables prevent both sides of the device from unclipping at the same time, offering the same versatility and freedom of movement as traditional carabiners but with the peace of mind of smart belay products.

Like most Smart Belay products, CLiC-iTs must be inspected annually by a qualified person. Unlike competitors, CLiC-iT offers a training class in maintenance and inspections so the annual recertification can be performed in-house—a savings of often $100 per lanyard per year.

Contact Synergo at or (503) 746-6646 for a free demo unit.

CLiC-iT: Peace of Mind, Piece of Cake

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