Efficient, Turnkey COVID-19 Testing from Novir

Novir utilizes rapid antigen and antibody tests combined with lab-based PCR tests to provide economical, efficient, and effective testing solutions for residential and day camps of all types. Novir's CAMP Safer solution offers you an end-to-end testing program, with service and support options to meet each camp's needs.

  • Novir Connect: Novir's secure online portal provides video tutorials and detailed instructions for test administration, resulting, test event management, and precamp communication and consent form templates
  • INSTA Baseline: Includes INSTA testing kits, setup, and training information for baseline testing of 100% of the targeted population
  • INSTA Extended: Includes INSTA testing kits, setup, and training information for surveillance testing of the population
  • TRACK by Novir: Novir's proprietary software platform includes premium risk management features to track and record results and digitize test results for reporting, making the testing process seamless
  • Novir Remote Live: Includes remote live support, as if you had a program support person on-site
  • Novir Consult: Includes medical and HR input to personalize and manage your testing program

To customize a solution for your camp and see how Novir can help your camp reopen and stay open safely and confidently, please contact Chip Kubly, program sales director, at chip@novir-usa.com or 414-550-3535.

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