Free Programming for Summer Camps with BOKS

Need fun and easy to use physical activity resources for your camp this summer?  Look no further! BOKS is a free, evidence-based, physical activity program designed to get kids moving more throughout the day. BOKS offers a number of resources that anyone can use in various environments in order to add play back into every child’s day.

Our Summer Fun Pack is full of easy-to-follow activities for kids to do independently, as a group, or with camp staff throughout the summer. The Fun Pack includes short movement breaks, 30-minute physical activity lesson plans, games, crafts, and recipes. Our Get Your Run on Resource is an eight-week program with flexible 20-minute lesson plans and videos from professional runners sharing tips and tricks to get kids running more and loving it! 

Looking for more resources for your camp? BOKS has free physical activity resources suitable for kids of all ages and abilities.

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