Fundraising Made Easy with GiveGab!

Experience the joy of fundraising with GiveGab, the #1 digital solution for 24-hour (or longer!) Giving Days. Thousands of nonprofits use GiveGab to build awareness for their missions, engage with their supporters, and raise funding for their causes. It’s our mission to make it incredibly easy for fundraisers to be great at their jobs.  

By hosting a Giving Day, camps can:  

  • Increase awareness of your camp’s mission  

  • Inspire engagement in your community of campers and camp alumni 

  • Acquire new & renew existing camp donors 

  • Elevate fundraising by creating excitement  

  • Strengthen community around your camp’s common purpose 

  • Amplify impact by connecting donors with your camp's cause  

GiveGab’s mission is to make it incredibly easy for you to be good at your job! We promise to make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective! Get to know us better by checking out some of our partner’s giving days here:  

All American Camp Association camps will receive a free upgrade if you sign before December 31, 2021! 

Email Colley from GiveGab at to learn more or sign up for a 15-minute fireside chat on her calendar for information on how to bring a GiveGab Giving Day to your camp. 

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