Introducing the Mini Manifold

Mini Manifold

Event Hydration Solutions is reinventing how the common water cooler is utilized. In 2020, when everything changed, they introduced the UltraSpout and FootPedal.  A rapid-fill, touch-free water dispenser system that replaced the common three-finger or two-hand spigots on all five- and 10- gallon coolers. 

“It works just like a soda fountain at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Just push your reusable water bottle under the spout and it pours six ounces per second!” says Erin Truslow, a former race director and endurance athlete coach.

Now they have created a way to get more people through the water line faster with using the common water coolers almost all race directors are currently using. The Mini-Manifold allows for five people to fill up their bottles at a time with using one, two, or three coolers connected. With its unique capabilities, you have the flexibility to even serve electrolytes and water off the same system without them mixing.

“The Mini-Manifold was invented out of necessity for today’s world. Consumers are looking for safer, easier, and greener ways to keep their campers/families/participants/students/athletes hydrated in a better way,” says Founder of Event Hydration Solutions Kevin Huff, who also invented the WaterMonster Tank for larger events. “We are really excited about the Mini Manifold due to its portability, easy set-up, versatility, and it can be cleaned easily; just pop the UltraSpouts off and place in the top rack of your dishwasher!”

The WaterMonster Tank and add-on accessories like the Mini Manifold have evolved into a hydration solution far beyond just running and bike races. The WaterMonster has helped camps, colleges, K-12, City Parks, festivals, pro sports, military, emergency services, and many others to hydrate participants in a more sustainable manner. 

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