Savings with Lowe's Just Got Easier

Lowe's and Trinity/HPSI logos

In recent months, Trinity/HPSI has been working behind the scenes with Lowe’s to make it easier for you to access the greatest tiered discounts Lowe’s offers. Under our new agreement, you can now access Trinity Lowe’s for Pros tiered discounts of 5% – 20% using any form of eligible payment at without the LAR (Lowe’s Account Receivable) requirement! 

Although a Trinity-linked LAR still offers the greatest savings when combined with our Lowe’s For Pros online discounts because of the additional 2% statement credit, we understand that you may have other preferred cards that your organization uses for various benefits. It is really simple to sign up for a Trinity-linked Lowe's For Pros account and use your preferred method of payment to make purchases.

2 Important Steps You MUST Complete to Participate:

  1. Go to and set up an account using the special Trinity member code. Download the Trinity/LFP Flyer below for detailed instructions on how to register for an online account and utilize the new Trinity agreement.
  2. Once you’ve established an account on as a Trinity member, you must register your preferred payment method in the account, including current LAR holders who were established under the old Trinity agreement, even if you do not intend to order online. You can register multiple cards under one online account, including all types of Lowe’s Business Credit Accounts (NOTE: Lowe’s Advantage cards cannot currently be used for online payment, but we expect this to change sometime in the future).

Not only does this grant you access to the greatest tiered discounts Lowe's offers anywhere, you can easily track all purchases (online and in-store) with all registered cards on the Lowe's For Pros online platform. Additionally, Lowe’s will be able to better identify Trinity members and ensure the continued success of the program. 

If you already have an established account and want to see if you are connected to the Trinity program, call our office at (615)672-0229. 

Download the Trinity/LFP Flyer or visit the Trinity/HPSI Members Portal to learn more.


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